About ZOJI

About ZOJI

 ZOJI is a completely individual phone brand, set up by Shenzhen ZHOUJI HOMTOM Technology Co. in the beginning of year 2017, a fire-new brand which is to specialize in “Rugged Phone”. ZOJI is firmly under the belief that “Focus leads to excellence”, therefore, ZOJI will focus on “Rugged Phone” throughout; ZOJI advocates “Competition and Win-Win” principle, and it believes that only  by constant challenge and breakthrough can we create more better products. ZOJI aims to provide better rugged phones and to create smartphones with excellent protective performance.  

Brand Perception

  1. Focus on “Rugged Phone”. The theme “Rugged Phone” matters a lot compared with the traditional cumbersome rugged phone which is of rough and ugly case and looks like a heavy brick. ZOJI strives to make some breakthroughs to change the traditional impression on rugged phones, like that rugged phone is brick-alike, of simple functions and poor operating experience, looks rough but costs high, and is mainly limited to outdoor enthusiasts, etc. ZOJI aims to spread a concept “Light Rugged Phone” to enable the rugged phone to be light, nice, portable while to be of excellent protective performance.                     
    2. Stick to “Price reasonable, quality guaranteed”. ZOJI will be committed to produce the rugged phones of a reasonable price and a guaranteed quality, finally makes everyone love to use rugged phone!

Branding Strategy

    Our priority is User Experience.

    We only produce High Quality Products.

Design and Brand Interpretation

     Based on the Chinese phonetic alphabet “zhouji”, the official logo of the brand “ZOJI” is finally formed. The first part of the logo uses the “Z” as the basic design outline, then, by some deformation, finally draws the outline of the “O”;  plus the two symmetrical triangles as auxiliary graph, the logo “ZOJI” not only maintains the overall visual coordination, but also highlights the  sense of science and technology. 

    To be different, and to be the best!  

How to become our global agent?

  1. The investors for our company are expected to implement branding, have insights, ideas, and vision, and be willing to enter into a long-term development with us.
  2. Agree with the philosophy of ZOJI to grow together and become successful with us. The company and agent will join for investment first and earnings later, while cooperating on marketing policy highly consistent with the company, vendor integration (equivalent to a branch of ZOJI), and activities necessary to ensure sustainable development for the company.
  3. Maintain a professional operation, scientific organizational structure, management system and KPI system, and specialized company or department format. Also provide special funds and a dedicated team to operate the ZOJI smartphone project. Consider ZOJI as the main brand to promote.
  4. Have a strong management capability, a respected business reputation, solid financial strength, strong direct supply sales network (We don’t allow multilevel distribution), the efficient capability of warehouse logistics and distribution, and a professional service system.
  5. If both parties agree, you will sign the cooperation agreement with us and complete the sales targets. (monthly, quarterly, annual).

 Overseas and OEM Division

     Contact: Senia

     E-mail:  senia@homtom.cc

     Marketing Division

     Contact: Helen

     E-mail: marketing@homtom.cc

     Technical Support

     Contact: Homtom

     E-mail: support@homtom.cc

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